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Amber Alexander
Director of Inclusion & Social Responsibility

“Dr. Candace Warner has a tremendous ability to make sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable topics approachable and engaging for teams. She balances a data-driven approach with a natural gift for storytelling to reach audiences, create “aha moments,” and inspire action. I’m familiar with her work on developing and leading training curriculum, special events/presentations, leading focus groups, individual coaching, data analysis, and strategic planning.

I would highly recommend her and her company, PEOPLE3, for any of the above. The extra preparation time she puts in and her passion for providing an excellent experience are apparent in her finished products!”

Elizabeth Moss
Chief Care Officer

“Candace listened to our specific needs to create a list of topics to address the specific challenges we are facing. She then designed a presentation and curriculum for those without making it seem like we were complaining or being negative with our team. The team was like a sponge and absorbed all the information while also engaging with Candace. They appreciated her style, the content, and especially the opportunity to be heard and interact with one another!

We will definitely be working with PEOPLE3 again to develop and train our caregivers on additional topics.”

Bernard Smith
Director of Operations, Nashville Office

“Candace’s “Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias” workshop was excellent. She is very passionate about the many layers of Diversity & Inclusion, and it comes across in her presentations. The content of the workshop was tailor-made to the demographics of the firm. I fully recommend Candace if you want people to understand diversity through their minds and hearts and want real and lasting change in your organization.”

Mary Piper Hansen

“Candace put together a customized set of trainings for my team, a group of writers and editors, to help us understand ways in which we can address diversity and inclusion issues in our manuscripts. Everyone arrived with varying levels of understanding of inequality issues, but we walked away feeling even more aware of them and armed with helpful strategies for how to recognize and correct them should they come across our desks. Candace also kindly provided us with some helpful resources to keep and refer back to down the road when we want to build on our new skills.”

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