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Diversity & Inclusion is Our Business

People3 provides diversity and inclusion training, research, and consulting services. We work with private, non-profit, and government sectors to create strategies that build a more equitable, respectful, and inclusive workplace.


We offer on-site group training, virtual webinars, and self-paced online courses customized to your organization’s structure and inclusion goals.


We take a deep dive into your organization to build a custom diversity, equity, and inclusion implementation strategy for your teams.


Our individualized, custom coaching sessions start at two hours and are delivered virtually with a people3 certified diversity and inclusion coach.

Featured Courses


How to be an anti-racist and an ally is a key social topic in many circles right now. We help participants unpack the concept of systemic racism, the social construction of race, awareness of privilege, along with individual and societal strategies for mitigating institutional racism.

Unconscious Bias

Personal experiences, backgrounds, and cultural context can impact our decisions and actions without us even realizing it. While it’s not possible for humans to eliminate all bias, we can help individuals and organizations see their blind spots and mitigate the impact of unconscious bias in organizations and personal interactions.

Inclusive Leadership

True organizational inclusion is not possible without the buy-in of leaders. Our inclusive leadership curriculum focuses on the key traits of inclusive leaders and strategies for creating an inclusive organization that promotes the advantages of diverse teams in creating business value in global markets.

People3 Certified Inclusive Workplaces

Inclusive Workplaces

By the Numbers…

Prioritizing diversity initiatives doesn’t just foster inclusive organizations–it creates a meaningful impact to the bottom line and increases productivity amongst team members.


Percentage of better decisions made by inclusive teams


Number of job seekers who want a diverse workplace


“Dr. Candace Warner has a tremendous ability to make sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable topics approachable and engaging for teams. She balances a data-driven approach with a natural gift for storytelling to reach audiences, create “aha moments,” and inspire action.”

Amber Alexander Solano
Director of Inclusion and Social Responsibility

Candace Warner, Ph.d.

People3 founder, Dr. Candace Warner, is a sociologist who has spent the past 20 years as an academic researcher, trainer, teacher, and diversity and inclusion curriculum designer. While her approach to educating individuals and organizations about the importance of an inclusive culture is rooted in data and research, she creates a safe space for hard conversations through empathy, kindness, and a light-hearted attitude.

A different kind of consulting firm


We don’t deliver canned content. We spend the time to discover the unique culture and strengths of your organization. We center our recommendations on diversity and inclusion best practices to create a custom approach.


Research shows that diverse teams are more effective and create more profitable organizations. We leverage demographic data and research on best practices to create an impactful diversity and inclusion program.


Interaction and reflection are the centerpieces of our diversity and inclusion training sessions. We like to keep it real while also keeping it fun. Fostering a culture of self awareness is hard work, but it’s worth it.

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