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Building Inclusive Organizations

Online Diversity Training

Interactive, one-hour, self-paced online diversity training course made for individuals and teams who are ready to learn how to build more inclusive organizations.

Online Diversity
Training Course

Top 10 Courses in DEI and Human Resources on

Online Diversity
Training Course

Top 10 Courses in DEI and Human Resources on

This course is designed to foster a holistic understanding of what diversity, equity, and inclusion are, why it matters, and how the culture it creates will improve teamwork and your organization’s bottom line.

At people3, we believe that whether you are an individual or an organization, diversity, equity, and inclusion education should be accessible to everyone.

Our award-winning team of DEI experts spent more than a year developing this thoughtful, comprehensive online diversity training course that accomplishes exactly that. This live course curriculum covers the value of diverse teams, identity and empathy, unconscious bias, mitigating bias, and mindful communication (or as we call it, “stepping in it!”). Watch and engage at your own pace from your phone, computer, or favorite coffee shop.

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What You’ll Learn

The Value of Diverse Teams
  • Defining Diversity
  • Race vs. Ethnicity
  • Value and Business Case for Diverse Teams
  • Performance of Diverse Teams
  • Designing Diverse Teams
  • Workplace Culture
  • Advantages of Diverse Teams
  • Action Planning
Identity & Empathy
  • Identity Overview
  • Your Identity
  • Identity Assumptions
  • Empathy
Unconscious Bias
  • Defining Unconscious Bias
  • How Does Bias Show Up?
  • Types of Bias
  • Impact of Bias
  • Mitigating Bias
  • Side Chat: Real-World Examples
  • Applying the Learning
  • Action Planning
Mindful Communication
  • Responding to Issues
  • What Makes a Good Apology?
  • Action Planning

Course Details:

(Value: $3,600)



54 lessons

1 hour of video content

What You’ll Get

Course Details


Online Lessons


Hour of Training videos


One-time Fee

* Free preview available

“Very interesting and opened my eyes to thoughts and ideas that I had not thought of before.”


Manager, Payroll | Ingram Industries

“I just completed the first module of the Inclusive Organizations training created by people3. I love that chapters are short, 2-minute sessions and that there are additional resources for each section. I also enjoyed the variety of experts and the ability to record my own video to share on the topic.”


Manager | Supplier Relations Wesco/Anixter

“I’ve taken quite a few of these trainings, and this was the most enjoyable one yet! The people3 team delivers great information in an engaging way that passes no judgment. Highly recommend!”


Owner | F45 Training

“The module on identity assumptions and stereotypes really resonated with me. As a Black woman from the South, I have been subjected to assumptions based on the color of my skin. This course will hopefully encourage people to pause before making similar judgements in the future.”


Founder | Crayons & Marketers

“Excellent! This course was well-planned and organized. It was easy to follow, and the simplicity of the examples was amazing! I appreciate the glossary of definitions. The diversity of represented in this video was phenomenal. Rate this course as a 10. Yeah, I know the rating is only up to 5.”


Founder | Youth Opportunities Unlimited