Diversity & Inclusion Training Courses


Our diversity and inclusion training courses are centered on a variety of diversity and inclusion topics, such as unconscious bias, anti-racism, an overview of diversity and inclusion, inclusive leadership, gender and sexuality, generational diversity and a list of other specialized courses. While our course descriptions offer an outline of the overall content of our course catalog, we customize each and every course for the organization and the industry.

Diversity & Inclusion 101

The goal of this course is to foster an understanding of diversity and inclusion in an organizational environment—why it matters, why it’s important, and why it’s helpful to the bottom line.


This course unpacks the concept of institutional and systemic racism and helps participants increase their awareness of these systems in everyday life. We also discuss how to be effective allies in not only daily interactions but policies and community action.

Unconscious Bias

People3 uses unconscious bias research to help your team members understand the process and implications of unconscious bias. Can we get rid of unconscious bias completely? No. But we can help your team members mitigate unconscious bias within themselves and within the organization.

Inclusive Leadership

How does the leadership team in your organization impact the culture? Are you being the best version of yourself as a leader? This is not your typical managerial or leadership training.

Cultural Competency

Our cultural competency training course focuses on understanding the differences between race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, and language. We aim to promote mindfulness of these differences in your organization’s interactions to foster inclusion.

Inclusive Educators

Our Inclusive Educators curriculum aims to provide educators with the tools they need to deliver culturally responsive practices to diverse students and families. We know it gets real in the classroom, so we ask the tough questions and provide cultural perspective so that you can be true advocates for your students.

Generational Diversity

In a time when “OK Boomer” is a thing and it’s cool to bad mouth Millennials, our generational diversity workshops aim to move the conversation beyond assumptions about age.

Sexual Harassment

With the #MeToo movement and national conversations around sexual harassment, many employers and employees are wondering—what are the boundaries of sexual harassment in the workplace? How do we implement sexual harassment training in a time when this is a more sensitive topic?

Gender & Sexuality

Confused about gender identity or sexual orientation terminology and don’t want to stick the proverbial foot in your mouth? No one does, and sometimes it happens anyway, even to those who are in the know.


The content of this course focuses on helping employees bring their best selves to work, develop their communication acumen, and perform at their fullest potential for the organization, and more importantly, for the organization’s clients or customers.

Sensitivity Training & Respect in the Workplace

People3’s workplace sensitivity training workshops highlight compliance areas, such as EEOC protected categories of race, gender, and disability, while also focusing on minimizing unconscious bias, valuing diversity, and practicing inclusion.