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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

DEI Training

Our diversity, equity and inclusion trainings are centered on a variety of diversity, equity and inclusion topics, such as unconscious bias, anti-racism, an overview of diversity and inclusion, inclusive leadership, lgbtq+ inclusion, generational diversity and a list of other specialized training. While our course descriptions offer an outline of the overall content of our course catalog, we customize each and every course for the organization and the industry.


Diversity, equity & Inclusion TRAINING COURSES

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101

People3’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101 Training is expertly customized to lay the foundational understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organizational context. This training explains why these concepts are not only vital but also beneficial to the organization’s performance and success. Through People3’s DEI 101 Training, participants will gain insights into the value of diversity, the effectiveness of inclusive teams, and unpack the true meaning of equity in organizations. This training serves as an essential stepping stone for organizations aiming to integrate DEI into their core values and operational strategies, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of DEI fundamentals.

Inclusive Leadership

People3’s Inclusive Leadership Training aims to enhance leadership capabilities to advance inclusive strategies and create a culture of belonging in the workplace. Utilizing Deloitte’s six leadership traits of collaboration, cultural intelligence, cognizance of bias, curiosity, commitment, and courage, this leadership training provides leaders with tools that are essential for fostering inclusion in the workplace. With a built-in leadership assessment as part of the workshop, this training empowers participants to embody these inclusive leadership traits, boosting engagement, collaboration, and performance across diverse groups to cultivate a culture of inclusivity.

Generational Diversity

People3’s Generational Diversity Training addresses the challenges and opportunities in today’s diverse workforce, where over five generations coexist. From Gen Z newcomers to transitioning Baby Boomers, this training focuses on cultural factors that have shaped the generations, including communication styles, work approaches, values, and organizational expectations. Our training approach provides solutions to move beyond preconceived notions of generational differences and mitigates unconscious biases based on age. People3’s training is designed to encourage collaboration, leverage diverse perspectives, and foster/highlight the strengths each generation brings to the workforce.

Unconscious bias

People3’s Unconscious Bias Training leverages research to enhance participants’ understanding of unconscious bias and its implications. Acknowledging that we all have unconscious bias, this training delves into the “blind spots” that shape our perceptions, decisions, and interactions, often without our conscious awareness. Recognizing that these biases reside in everyone, our training aims to help participants understand the impact of bias on workplace dynamics, decision-making, and team interactions. Our training also provides strategies for minimizing the influence of unconscious bias and encourages self-reflection to promote a more inclusive environment.


People3’s Cultural Competency Training is designed to deepen awareness and appreciation of cultural differences that influence communication styles, perspectives on hierarchy and teamwork, and various dimensions of identity, including language, religion, race, ethnicity, and national origin. Through this training, we equip participants to be mindful and respectful of cultural differences. Participants will also learn practical strategies for navigating and embracing cultural diversity, leading to improved collaboration, innovation, and overall greater cultural intelligence for teams.

inclusive organizations

People3’s Inclusive Organizations Training is an award-winning DEI online course that dives deep into understanding unconscious bias and its impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace. This training acknowledges that everyone has biases and provides participants with the tools to explore their own biases through identity and empathy reflection exercises. People3’s Inclusive Organizations Training also offers guided practical strategies to help foster a culture of inclusion, along with downloadable resources that support ongoing learning and application. By engaging in this training, participants are equipped to make meaningful changes in their organizations, promoting an environment where diversity is not only recognized but valued.

inclusive hiring

People3’s Inclusive Hiring Training supports organizations in developing diverse and inclusive teams by improving their hiring practices. By promoting inclusive hiring practices, organizations demonstrate their appreciation for a wide range of talents and perspectives. The goal of this training is to embrace diversity in recruitment and effectively address biases that may arise during the candidate hiring process. People3’s Inclusive Hiring Training covers various forms of bias that can influence decisions from sourcing candidates to interviewing and ultimately hiring talent. Our curriculum provides comprehensive strategies to expand inclusive hiring practices within the organization.

Inclusive Communication

People3’s Inclusive Communication Training is designed to cultivate an awareness of how language shapes our workplace environment. Sometimes it’s hard to know what words are appropriate or non-inclusive, and we help people understand the impact of those words and explore the nuances of language. This training offers a supportive space for employees to develop their inclusive communication acumen to ensure respectful interactions. By fostering an understanding of inclusive terminology and empathetic communication strategies, we empower team members to enhance their own communication skills and contribute to a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

religious diversity

People3’s Religious Diversity Training addresses the challenges and opportunities of religious diversity in today’s globalized workplaces. Understanding and appreciating religious diversity is essential for creating an inclusive and harmonious work environment. From holidays to religious observances, organizations that are inclusive of various religious practices create inclusive organizational cultures that thrive on mutual respect and understanding. People3’s Religious Diversity Training equips participants with knowledge of various religious beliefs and practices, along with the skills and strategies necessary to navigate and embrace these differences effectively within the workplace.


People3’s LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion Training is designed to enhance awareness and sensitivity towards the experiences and challenges of the LGBTQ+ community. Participants will discuss the diverse experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals, addressing common challenges and highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding. This training also provides guidance to participants on LGBTQ+ terminology while also equipping teams with practical strategies for fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. People3’s LGBTQ Training ensures that all employees feel valued and included, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


People3’s Allyship in the Workplace Training is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to become effective allies to under-represented and marginalized colleagues in the workplace.  Allyship can include speaking up for a colleague or recommending an employee for a great opportunity. People3’s training curriculum provides tools for allies to support their colleagues and expand the sense of belonging within organizations. Through our Allyship in the Workplace Training, participants gain the knowledge to be effective allies for their colleagues and create an environment where everyone is valued and supported.


People3’s Microaggressions in the Workplace Training is designed to illuminate the subtle yet profound ways in which microaggressions affect team dynamics, individual well-being, and overall inclusion within an organization. Microaggressions are defined as verbal or behavioral slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that can undermine employee productivity by creating an environment of exclusion and discomfort. Through this training, we explore common examples of microaggressions, their impact, and strategies for creating a more inclusive and respectful work environment that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to recognize and address these behaviors.


People3’s Disability Inclusion Training is designed to transform workplaces by recognizing and accommodating the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. This training emphasizes the importance of promoting accessibility and fostering a culture of respect and understanding. People3’s Disability Inclusion Training delves into practical strategies that organizations can implement to harness the full potential of their workforce and create a more inclusive environment. By focusing on embracing disability inclusion, this training helps organizations ensure that all employees, regardless of their abilities, have the opportunity to contribute fully and thrive in the workplace.


People3’s Black Experience in America Training is designed to deepen understanding of the current complex realities faced by Black and African Americans, shaped by a historical backdrop of resilience and the ongoing struggle against systemic racism. This training aims to shed light on critical statistics and the various microaggressions Black individuals encounter daily. Through People3’s Black Experience in America training, participants will better understand the historical and systemic issues specifically faced by Black Americans and explore effective strategies to recognize, address, and mitigate these factors and be effective allies to their Black and African-American colleagues.


People3’s Anti-Racism Training is designed to delve into the complexities of institutional and systemic racism, providing participants with a clear understanding of how these pervasive systems impact our lives and society. This training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on practical strategies and actionable steps individuals can take to become intentionally anti-racist. Through people3’s training curriculum, participants will learn to influence both their daily social interactions and contribute to broader community initiatives that address racism, fostering a more equitable and just world, community, and workplace.


People3’s Sensitivity in the Workplace Training is carefully structured to not only cover compliance areas, including EEOC-protected categories like race, gender, and disability, but also to emphasize the reduction of unconscious bias, the value of diversity, and the practice of inclusion. This training provides a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the complexities of workplace diversity with awareness, sensitivity, and respect. By participating in our Sensitivity and Respect in the Workplace Training, individuals are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to foster a respectful, inclusive, and equitable work environment where every employee feels valued and understood. 


People3’s Sexual Harassment Training is designed to educate participants on recognizing and understanding workplace boundaries specifically related to sexual harassment. People3’s Sexual Harassment Training is all about understanding what crosses the line in the workplace. This training gives you the tools to spot and stop sexual harassment, ensuring everyone feels safe and respected on the job. Through our curriculum, we explore specific strategies to prevent inappropriate behavior and build a work environment that’s not just professional, but also supportive and secure for everyone. 

trans inclusion

People3’s Trans Inclusion Training is specifically designed to address the disproportionate challenges and disparities that transgender individuals face, particularly in the workplace. This training provides participants with critical insights into the elevated rates of discrimination, harassment, and job loss that transgender employees often endure compared to their cisgender counterparts. Through our people3 training, participants will learn effective strategies and best practices for supporting transgender employees, including key data that can guide more inclusive policies and practices where all employees, regardless of gender identity, are valued and supported.

neurodiversity inclusion

People3’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Training is designed to celebrate and leverage the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals with diverse neurological differences. This training aims to enhance understanding of neurodiversity, accommodate different needs effectively, and foster an inclusive environment where every employee can thrive. By participating in people3’s training, attendees will gain valuable insights into how to support neurodivergent individuals by recognizing their unique contributions and adapting workplace practices to ensure that all team members feel valued and integrated.


People3’s Inclusive Educators Training equips educators with the skills for culturally responsive teaching to support students and families from a variety of diverse backgrounds and cultural influences. Recognizing the complex challenges present in today’s higher education and K-12 classrooms, this training delves into critical questions and offers cultural insights, enabling participants to become genuine advocates for their students. With our Inclusive Educators Training, teachers, professors, and student support staff are equipped to foster an inclusive and equitable learning environment where every student thrives.