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Employee Focus Groups

We are living in unfamiliar times that challenge us to discuss sensitive topics. We help create a safe space for your organization’s participants to process, engage, reflect, and learn.

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Employee Focus Groups

As an organization, we understand that it’s not easy to get the answers you need from internal employee engagement surveys alone. Employee focus groups can add value to your organization in two ways—learning about the needs of your employees and ensuring your employees that their voices and perspectives matter.

Our facilitators take time to understand the diversity and inclusion challenges and opportunities your organization may be facing. We take time to develop questions centered on diversity and inclusion that unpack employee perceptions and provide safe, confidential spaces for employees to freely express their concerns and thoughts for inclusion solutions. At the conclusion of focus group sessions, People3 provides detailed summaries of the data we collect from employee focus groups to help your teams better understand how to move forward with diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organization.