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DEI Calendar 2024


With many organizations reducing their DEI priorities, it’s more critical than ever to ensure workplace inclusion efforts continue. People3 is here to help organizations stay the course. To support your journey in creating organizations that reflect inclusion and belonging, we are sharing our 2024 DEI Calendar. Supporting organizations on their inclusion journeys is what we do, and this calendar is one way we support our clients, community, and people3 partners.

People3’s DEI Calendar serves as a roadmap to help organizations strategically integrate important events into their organizational culture, fostering awareness and appreciation for the diverse perspectives that shape your organization. By acknowledging and celebrating key dates, your organization creates opportunities for meaningful conversations, educational initiatives, and collaborative activities that promote a more inclusive atmosphere.

From cultural observances to awareness campaigns, the calendar includes a carefully curated list of holidays, cultural awareness celebrations, and national events that emphasize the celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the recognition of everyone in your organization.