Diversity Coaching


We work one-on-one with individuals to help enhance their knowledge of diversity and inclusion issues to ensure an inclusive environment.


Diversity Coaching

People3 provides individual diversity coaching for individual organization members to facilitate individual dialogue on diversity and inclusion centered topics with the goal of enhancing professional development. Our customized diversity coaching sessions start at 2 hours and are delivered virtually with a people3 certified diversity coach.

Your team member will be paired with one of our coaches in a one-on-one coaching session. The 2-hour session includes an explorative conversation to provide your team members with an opportunity to learn and reflect on specific DEI concepts and how to apply them to their professional lives. After the initial session, our diversity coaches curate an action plan to establish goals and a plan of action.

Our diversity coaches are subject matter experts, trained to help professionals take a deep-dive into their personal diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys. We know diversity, equity, and inclusion journeys can be hard when embarking on them alone—our diversity coaches help you navigate the tough spots and find a place to start.

Individual diversity coaching sessions create a safe space for employees to discover their own diversity, equity, and inclusion pain points and reflect on experiences they have encountered. We train our diversity coaches with the tools to establish trust with individual coaching clients and sustain transparency, comfortability, and psychological space.

Diversity Coaches

Get to know people3 senior consultants and diversity trainers, Mia O. McNeal and Tony Peterson. One has had over 4 million views of their TEDx talk and the other has been named one of the Most Influential African Americans in the State of Arkansas.

Our professional diversity coaching can help individuals….


Distinguish between impact and intention of communication and avoid language that is insensitive

Unpack culturally appropriate terminology and behaviors across racial, ethnic, gender, and other characteristics

Increase awareness for navigating work communication and avoid language or jokes that may be insensitive


Equip the individual to actively implement respectful and inclusive language and behaviors


Serve as a role model for valuing differences and creating a respectful environment


Develop an action plan for creating a respectful environment

Meet the Team

Diversity Coaches

Mia McNeal

people3 Senior Consultant

Mia McNeal - Headshot

“I love humans, and I am a naturally curious person. It is important to me to understand the perspectives of others and give them a space for grace, empathy, and understanding as the foundation.”

Mia O. McNeal, is a passionate voice in business advocacy and the implementation of conscious, intentional diversity and inclusion. As a leading executive with a background in diversity coaching, Mia has turned her vision into her life’s mission.

In the fall of 2022, McNeal completed her certification as a Professional Certified Coach and is a candidate for the IFC (International Coach Federation) Professional Coach Certification through the Coach Transformation Academy. Mia is an instrumental member of the people3 team as a diversity, equity, and inclusion training facilitator and diversity coach.

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Mia’s list of coaching clients includes members of the automotive, retail, banking, restaurant, and manufacturing industries. She has amassed over 1,200 hours in coaching in both business and diversity coaching and more than 900 hours in diversity, equity, and inclusion facilitation.

As a Senior Consultant with people3, Mia brings her unique brand of energy to focus groups, DEI workshops, and educational seminars, and diversity coaching. She has delivered workshops on diversity and inclusion in business, supplier diversity, and customized curriculum within organizations. She has been a workshop facilitator, diversity coach, and Senior Consultant with people3 for the last three years. Her impact in this space is evident, as she is often called The Workshop Whisperer. Her experience facilitating workshops and creating curriculum have shaped her approach to diversity coaching. She works tirelessly with corporate organizations to bring common sense and empathy to conversations and policies centered in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“I love humans, and I am a naturally curious person. It is important to me to understand the perspectives of others and give them a space for grace, empathy, and understanding as the foundation. I don’t know how you can ever truly coach a client without understanding how they came to have the ideas and values they hold. For me, I don’t want to change peoples’ minds, I want to nurture an environment where a client can understand the perspective of others, and recognize their own capacity for empathy to truly transform their own lives.”

McNeal is currently the Founder and CEO of Goal Digging, LLC where she focuses on empowering minority owned businesses.

Mia is a graduate of Harding University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Business Management.

Prior to forming Goal Digging, Mia served for 6 years at the Southern Region Minority Supplier Diversity Council, first as Vice President, then President and CEO. In these roles, Mia was responsible for certifying, developing, and advocating on behalf of minority owned businesses. For almost 4 years, she served as President of the Arkansas Mississippi Minority Supplier Development Council. Economic development in traditionally underserved communities has been and continues to be her life’s work.

While currently calling Nashville home, Mia is an Arkansas native, and was appointed by the Governor of Arkansas to serve on the Arkansas Minority Business Advisory Council. She also served as a Member of the Little Rock School District MBE/WBE Committee. McNeal also served on the Board of Directors for the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In 2014, McNeal was named one of 25 Women to Watch. She was also selected as one of the 20 Most Influential African Americans in the State of Arkansas, and became the first African American to hold the title Mrs. Arkansas.

Tony Peterson

people3 Senior Consultant

Tony Peterson - Headshot

“My goal is for every person to leave the diversity coaching process feeling that they have gained insight, perspective and a new attitude that they will continue to use in their workplaces.”

Anthony (Tony) Peterson has lived, studied, written about, and coached about diversity throughout his life. He has practiced diversity coaching globally, collaborating with colleagues in Canada, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, South Africa and the United Kingdom. He has worked with over 120 individual diversity coaching clients across the world.

With over 4 million views, Tony’s 2014 TEDx talk, “What I Am Learning from My White Grandchildren: Truths about Race” continues to make an impact on organizations and individuals in their conversations about race. He presented a second TEDx talk in 2021 called “Beyond Empathy: Next Steps in Talking about Race.”

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Tony’s academic clients include Harvard University and Northwestern University. His corporate clients include Nike International, the American Dental Association, the Country Music Association, and Dallas Children’s Theater.

Tony began as a diversity coach with people3 in 2018.

“When people come to us for coaching, it is not usually voluntary. Some come angry, reluctant, and apprehensive, and some are hopeful. My goal is for every person to leave the diversity coaching process feeling that they have gained insight, perspective and a new attitude that they will continue to use in their workplaces. My aim is to make them feel at ease while we discuss difficult words and behaviors. I love when those who were initially reluctant express appreciation for the diversity coaching session and discuss how they want to foster inclusive environments going forward.”