Our Mission

Who We are

Our goal at people3 is simple–to help people navigate people differences. And we do that through providing customized and impactful diversity and inclusion training, consulting, and research services that improve the people relationships within organizations.

People Helping People

You don’t have to like everyone. We’re here to help you better understand everyone.

People3 is a benefit corporation that provides diversity and inclusion training, workshops, and inclusion-centered consulting. We work with private, non-profit, and government sectors to facilitate and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives. We help organizations navigate diversity and cultural differences among organization members, employees, customers, clients, communities, and population groups they serve, and help them navigate a range of people differences including race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexuality, economic disadvantage, disabilities, religion, or veteran status, or any other people topic.

We know that if people feel included at work and clients feel welcome in organizations, these dynamics produce more positive results.

people3 Differentiators

What Makes Us Unique


Our training sessions, workshops, and consulting practices utilize demographic and workforce data to empower organizations to create diverse and inclusive environments.


You don’t have to like everyone, but understanding one another leads to a more inclusive and productive environment. We help organizations navigate a range of people differences.

Diverse Industries

We work with private, non-profit, and government sectors to facilitate inclusion and navigate diversity and cultural differences among team members, customers, clients, communities, and population groups they serve.



Every organization is unique, so people3 customizes diversity and inclusion training for employee and leadership development, as well as consulting strategies for organizations. Through our research and consulting services we deliver customized diversity programs that fit your organization’s needs.


People3 team members are expert facilitators and consultants. We are not afraid to navigate difficult conversations while also ensuring a safe space to impact change. Our consultants have decades of professional and personal experience in working with organizations on diversity and inclusion topics and content.

Keeping it Real

At people3, we keep it real in our conversations about diversity and inclusion while also making your team comfortable and safe. And we have jokes, too. We believe that hard conversations don’t have to be painful to be impactful. Fostering an inclusive culture and expanding self awareness is difficult, but we aim to keep it fun.

Professional Certifications

Membership Organizations 

Paying It Forward

Benefit Corporation

Focused on a social mission that supersedes profit, we believe in providing a living wage for our team, while using our work to serve the public.

Giving Back

Every quarter we give a portion of our profits to an organization doing great things in the world to foster inclusion and lift up all of our communities.

Community Support

We connect with groups that positively impact Nashville’s tech and health care industries, as well as support female, LGBT, and entrepreneurs of color.

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