Communication Training

Sometimes we are not our best selves. We can always do better.

The content of this communication training course focuses on helping employees bring their best selves to work, develop their communication acumen, and perform at their fullest potential for the organization, and more importantly, for the organization’s clients or customers.

Sometimes we have colleagues that have great potential, but they may not always bring their “A game” to work. Maybe they struggle with communication strategies. Or they don’t highlight the right information on a project or report. Maybe they are always running late. Or they have all-too-frequent unplanned absences and don’t seem to process the impact on clients, colleagues, and the organization.

What is your organization’s culture and what are the expectations for communication and professionalism? Sometimes we are not our best selves, but we can strive to do better. After all, we’re all just people.


“Candace listened to our specific needs to create a list of topics to address the specific challenges we are facing. She then designed a presentation and curriculum for those without making it seem like we were complaining or being negative with our team. The team was like a sponge and absorbed all the information while also engaging with Candace. They appreciated her style, the content, and especially the opportunity to be heard and interact with one another!

We will definitely be working with people3 again to develop and train our caregivers on some additional topics.”

Elizabeth Moss
Chief Care Officer
Caregivers by Wholecare