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Inclusive Recruiting+Hiring

Tools to recruit diverse candidates and mitigate unconscious bias in hiring.

Tech Tools to Mitigate Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

Job Description Software that Mitigates Unconscious Bias in Wording


Gender Decoder for Job Ads

Platforms for Sourcing Diverse Candidates

General Diversity

Insights in Color

Hispanic/Latinx Candidates


Hispanic/Latino Professionals Association (HLPA)

Candidates with Disabilities




Female Candidates


Career Contessa

Female Executive Search

Candidates of Color/Black

PDN Recruits

Black Career Network

Black Jobs

Mature and Retired Candidates

Retired Brains


Formerly Incarcerated Candidates

Honest Jobs

Project Return

LGBTQ+ Candidates

Pink Jobs

Campus Pride

Out & Equal


Veteran Candidates



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*Note: This list is updated regularly and continues to be curated. If you have suggestions for accessible resources that help others understand this topic, email us.
Last update: November 2022