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Diversity Consulting


There is no one-size-fits-all diversity consulting strategy for every organization. Our customized services are tailored to your organization’s unique challenges, industry, employee demographics, and inclusion goals.


Diversity Consulting

We customize diversity and inclusion consulting strategies for organizations that are not sure where to start or want to refine or expand their current program.

People3 takes a deep dive with your organization to determine a customized diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy for your organization. Many organizations reach out to us when they are not quite sure where to begin with building a diversity and inclusion strategy, but their teams are motivated to make a change. We will help your leadership determine the direction and focus for your organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy.

We can help your team…


Assist the organization in the development and structure of a diversity and inclusion committee/advisory group


Work with your existing diversity committee to build out diversity and inclusion strategy


Organize employee focus groups to determine diversity and inclusion direction initiatives


Create inclusion-centered assessment questions for your employee engagement survey


Foster leadership discussions to determine diversity and inclusion strategy buildout for inclusive hiring


Hold discovery meetings with key organizational members to craft diversity and inclusion strategy

Our Approach

01 | Discover

Our first step with any organization is to conduct research. We work to understand the industry, the market, and the organization. Through our extensive discovery process, people3 aims to understand the organization’s diversity and inclusion goals. People3 customizes the entire consulting plan to align with the organization’s needs, timeline, priorities, and resources.

02 | Process

People3 customizes the diversity and inclusion consulting process to fit the industry, organization profile, as well as employee and client demographics. As research and consulting needs change, people3 will adapt to accommodate new strategies through our discovery and research efforts. The organization and people3 will determine concrete deliverables, such as data collection, assessments, reports, strategic plans, training curriculum, and/or the formation of employee and advisory groups.

03 | Implement

People3 works with the organization to implement strategies and provide deliverables. We don’t just come in, meet with your team, tell you what to do, and then leave. People3 is invested in your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. We help facilitate and assist in the implementation of the organization’s diversity and inclusion plan, training needs, and process changes.