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Diversity Training in the Workplace


Our workplace diversity and inclusion training courses are designed to fit your organizations’ preferred method of learning and inclusion goals. Choose from in-person group training sessions on site at your organization, online interactive group webinars, workshops in our Nashville location, or online group webinars.


Diversity Training in
the Workplace

People3 provides customized diversity training in the workplace courses and workshops that focus on understanding people differences and facilitating inclusion. We work with for-profit, government, and non-profit organizations. Our diversity and inclusion training curriculum is customized based on the organization’s structure and training goals.

We offer group training courses on-site or via webinar customized for your organization’s structure and training goals. Our team also provides individual coaching virtually or in person for team members that could benefit from one-on-one diversity and inclusion sessions. People3 also regularly hosts public workshops/webinars and delivers self-paced online courses.

Group Training

Public Workshops

One-on-One Coaching

Online Courses

Listening Rooms

In-Person | Virtual

Group Training

Our experienced diversity and inclusion specialists work with organization leaders to customize diversity and inclusion training seminars that facilitate an inclusive culture in your organization.

People3 delivers a list of 10+ courses, such as unconscious bias and inclusive leadership, customized to fit the industry and organization needs. We provide group training sessions on site at your organization’s location or via webinar platform.

In-Person | Virtual

Public Workshops

People3’s public workshops and webinars are designed for individuals interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion strategies and changing workforce demographics. Participants will also gain knowledge on their own identity and unconscious bias, the advantages of diverse teams, and unpack various terms and concepts in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space.

Our interactive workshops dive into the best practices for both individuals and organizations to expand diversity awareness and facilitate inclusion.

In-Person | Virtual

One-On-One Coaching

Our coaching option curates an individual learning session designed to improve workplace communication and sensitivity. Our diversity and inclusion facilitators work with individual organization employees to deliver personalized content on respectful workplace strategies.

Coaching sessions begin at 2 hours and can be delivered on-site at the organization or virtually. A feedback report is also delivered to the organization to outline individual action items and content covered.

Self-paced online courses

Our online course options run one hour or less and cover a broad range of diversity and inclusion topics. Courses are self-paced and deliver an emailed certificate upon successful completion. The current course catalog includes courses on sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, communication, and inclusive leadership.

Our self-paced online courses can be purchased as individual credits or at a discounted group rate.

Anti-Racism Listening Room

A safe place for participants to unpack their feelings and ask questions about the changing world around them.


For those who want a safe space to openly process their thoughts or questions but are unsure how to express their feelings without potentially offending others, people3 Listening Rooms provide just that.

Group Dialogue

Listening Rooms

Listening rooms are small group sessions centered in psychological safety to discuss concepts that may benefit from expert guidance. Our trained facilitators host curated conversations on arange of topics ranging from understanding our own biases to current events. We understand that conversations about race, social movements, protests, gender and sexuality, and politics can be polarizing, but conversations can still be civil, especially when there’s a trained moderator to navigate complex emotions among participants and provide perspective.

For our social issue/content-centered listening rooms focused on race, gender, or other social issues, our expert facilitators allow space in our people3 listening rooms to process multiple perspectives so participants are able to have effective conversations. It’s hard to be objective in a world with so much noise, but we aim to create the space to process, think, listen, and learn.