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Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity is just difference.
And we’re all different.

Our diversity and inclusion training focuses on improving interactions in the workplace so that you and your colleagues can get along and be more productive. Our courses incorporate an understanding of intersectionality, unconscious bias, demographic trends, and cultural competency awareness. The goal of our employee and staff development courses is to foster an understanding of diversity and inclusion in an organizational environment—why it matters, why it’s important, and why it’s helpful to the bottom line.

This is not your average diversity training or sensitivity training course or respectful workplace training or whatever you want to call it. You know the one—the one that sparks simultaneous eye-rolls between you and your colleagues as the reality of an all-day long training session begins to set in. This course is different because we are a different kind of employee and leadership training company. We think of diversity as difference. And we’re all different.

Diversity by the Numbers


Percentage of better decisions made by inclusive teams


Job seekers who indicate that a diverse workforce is important when considering employment


Increase in team collaboration by workers in highly diverse and inclusive organizations


“Dr. Candace Warner has a tremendous ability to make sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable topics approachable and engaging for teams. She balances a data-driven approach with a natural gift for storytelling to reach audiences, create “aha moments,” and inspire action. I’m familiar with her work on developing and leading training curriculum, special events/presentations, leading focus groups, individual coaching, data analysis, and strategic planning.

I would highly recommend her and her company, people3, for any of the above. The extra preparation time she puts in and her passion for providing an excellent experience are apparent in her finished products!”

Amber Alexander Solano
Director of Inclusion & Social Responsibility