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Founder and CEO of people3, Dr. Candace Warner, and people3 team members were invited to speak to Transformation Life Center’s P2SI Leadership Academy Spring 2022 cohort about DEI topics and navigating corporate America as young Black professionals.

April 27, 2022

People3 CEO, Dr. Candace Warner, Education and Training Manager, Amiee Sadler, and Social Media and Marketing Manager, Camillia Clayton, held a discussion with Transformation Life Center’s Successors on DEI topics including identity, intersectionality, code-switching, respectability politics, and allyship for young Black professionals entering the workforce.

The people3 team shared insight and personal stories about navigating corporate spaces as Black professionals and tips for addressing microaggressions and discrimination in the workplace while maintaining their identities. Students learned about people3’s DEI work and asked questions about what to look for when searching for an inclusive workplace.


(L-R: Dr. Candace Warner, people3 Founder & CEO; Amiee Sadler, people3 Education and Training Manager; Camillia Clayton, people3 Social Media and Marketing Manager)