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Dr. Candace Warner invited as Speaker at Inc. Magazine’s Annual, Inc 5000 Vision Conference

October 21, 2021

People3, Inc. is excited to announce that Dr. Candace Warner was invited to speak at Inc. Magazine’s virtual Inc 5000 Vision Conference hosted on October 19 – 21, 2021.

Dr. Warner is a demonstrated thought leader in the DEI space, who has helped over 50+ organizations from various industries strategize and implement genuine cultures of inclusion in the workplace. As a sociologist, Dr. Warner’s career of over 20 years has centered around creating conversations around diversity and inclusion and fostering equity. She was able to share this knowledge to many current and aspiring business owners in her interview at the 2021 Inc. 5000 Vision Conference.

In the session entitled, Measuring the True Impact of DEI, Dr. Warner explored how businesses can maximize and measure their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to drive ROI. Additionally, Dr. Warner emphasized the importance of incorporating DEI as a key aspect in all aspects of an organization’s strategy.

Dr. Warner provided her expertise on how DEI has been statistically proven to produce positive outcomes that many organizations aspire to. “The data–over and over again–shows that diverse teams who have diverse perspectives and backgrounds, see things differently,” said Warner.

While diversity and inclusion metrics are important, Dr. Warner also highlighted the role of empathy in DEI strategy. “At the heart of all this work, empathy is the centerpiece. We can’t always understand one another from each other’s perspectives, but how do we try to get there in a way that we at least have a framework of empathy and understanding,” said Warner.

“The best way that I think about truly implementing DEI and really ensuring that it’s embedded is, first and foremost, leadership alignment,” said Warner when asked to give advice for entrepreneurs wanting to make DEI a central aspect of their company’s DNA.

Mandy Price, co-founder and CEO of Kanarys, a DEI tech firm based in Dallas, joined in this interview with Dr. Warner. This DEI discussion was moderated by Inc. Senior Writer, Christine Lagorio-Chafkin.

The segment aired on October 21st from 11:45 -12:15 pm EST on Inc’s virtual platform and can be viewed here.

The Inc. 5000 Vision Conference is a three-day streaming event focused on the technology, leadership techniques, and innovation principles that are necessary to thrive in the present and gain insight into the future. This gathering of entrepreneurial thought leaders seeks to help founders and C-suite executives from fast-growth companies find answers to today’s most pressing business topics.