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Cultural Competency Training

Cultural competency
is a good thing.

Our cultural competency training course focuses on understanding the differences between race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, and language. We aim to promote mindfulness of these differences in your organization’s interactions to foster inclusion.

Have you ever said something to a colleague or a client from a different religious or ethnic background that you realize later was insensitive? We find that while most people are well-intentioned, sometimes they may not realize that what they are saying is hurtful, assumptive, or stereotypical to another person.

People3 takes an approach that includes an awareness of racial or ethnic microaggressions, cultural competency training, and unconscious bias awareness. This course promotes an understanding between colleagues and clients who may not share the same skin tone, come from the same country, share the same first language, or practice the same religion. While we may come from different backgrounds, we’re all just people.


“Candace listened to our specific needs to create a list of topics to address the specific challenges we are facing. She then designed a presentation and curriculum for those without making it seem like we were complaining or being negative with our team. The team was like a sponge and absorbed all the information while also engaging with Candace. They appreciated her style, the content, and especially the opportunity to be heard and interact with one another!

We will definitely be working with people3 again to develop and train our caregivers on some additional topics”

Elizabeth Moss
Chief Care Officer
Caregivers by Wholecare