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Gender & Sexuality

Not everyone fits into a box.
We prefer circles, anyway.

Confused about gender identity or sexual orientation terminology and don’t want to stick the proverbial foot in your mouth? No one does, and sometimes it happens anyway, even to those who are in the know.

You may have an employee who is transitioning from male to female or vice versa. You may have assumed your female coworker is married to a man, but turns out, she’s not.

The purpose of this training is to help foster an understanding of gender identity, sexuality, and sexual orientation to promote an awareness of navigating these issues in the workplace.

We’re here to help you understand the multi-layered topic of sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. And just in case you’re wondering, we’ll explain the difference in all of those terms as well.


“Dr. Candace Warner has a tremendous ability to make sensitive, sometimes uncomfortable topics approachable and engaging for teams. She balances a data-driven approach with a natural gift for storytelling to reach audiences, create “aha moments,” and inspire action. I’m familiar with her work on developing and leading training curriculum, special events/presentations, leading focus groups, individual coaching, data analysis, and strategic planning.

I would highly recommend her and her company, people3, for any of the above. The extra preparation time she puts in and her passion for providing an excellent experience are apparent in her finished products!”

Amber Alexander Solano
Director of Inclusion and Social Responsibility