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Generational Diversity Training

No matter your age, we all want the same things and have something to contribute.

Our generational diversity training workshop focuses on cultural factors that have shaped generations and how to move beyond unconscious bias that we connect between age and all the other things.

Are generational differences real or just stereotypes? Behind our age and experiences, do we all want the same things for the workplace? Or are we really that far apart on generational preferences, work styles, and values? In a time when OK Boomer is “a thing” and it’s cool to bad mouth Millennials…our generational diversity workshops aim to move the conversation beyond assumptions about age.

Generational differences are shaped by cultural factors, experiences, and individual values that may change throughout various life stages. Research tells us that regardless of our age, most of us want a happy, inclusive, rewarding work environment where we can thrive and feel valued for our contributions. 

Generational Diversity

By the Numbers…

Nearly half of all Millennials seek out diverse and inclusive organizations when evaluating potential employers.



“Candace’s “Recognizing and Mitigating Unconscious Bias” workshop was excellent. She is very passionate about the many layers of Diversity & Inclusion, and it comes across in her presentations. The content of the workshop was tailor-made to the demographics of the firm. I fully recommend Candace if you want people to understand diversity through their minds and hearts and want real and lasting change in your organization.”

Bernard Smith
Director of Operations, Nashville Office
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP