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Inclusive Leadership Training

You are the culture creator.
Make it count.

Our inclusive leadership training focuses on your organizations’ leadership strengths and what you bring to the table as a strategic thinker, leader, example-setter.

How does the leadership team in your organization impact the culture? Are you being the best version of yourself as a leader? This is not your typical managerial or leadership training.

Leadership impacts the culture of the organization. Within any organization, the leadership and management teams are the culture creators. While we’re all just people, leadership makes a difference.

Inclusive leadership by the Numbers


Likelihood of industry-leading profitability among companies with culturally diverse executive teams


Companies with less gender and ethnic/ cultural diversity were less likely to achieve above-average profitability


More likely to outperform on profitability in companies with gender diverse executive teams


“Candace listened to our specific needs to create a list of topics to address the specific challenges we are facing. She then designed a presentation and curriculum for those without making it seem like we were complaining or being negative with our team. The team was like a sponge and absorbed all the information while also engaging with Candace. They appreciated her style, the content, and especially the opportunity to be heard and interact with one another!

We will definitely be working with people3 again to develop and train our caregivers on some additional topics”

Elizabeth Moss
Chief Care Officer
Caregivers by Wholecare