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Social Media & Communications Manager
People3 is looking for a tech-savvy communicator, who is also passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion. The successful candidate should be targeted in their approach on how to capture the brand messaging for people3 with our underlying philosophy–diversity is positive and a value add for organizations and inclusion creates great cultures and great organizations. We are seeking individuals to help us market, expand, and present creative and thought-provoking social media messaging to grow our diversity and inclusion consulting business.

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist with technology or design areas
  • Post to all people3 social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Assist or lead in video or podcast production as needed
  • Research current social demographics and events
  • Brainstorm creative social media posts for all people3 channels
  • Work with graphic designer to guide and provide provide design feedback
  • Ensure brand messaging and design of all social media blasts are aligned with brand
  • Locate and research imagery for social media posts
  • Assist with blog writing and concept development


  • Knowledgeable about terminology/well versed in language connected to diversity, culture, and equality topics
  • Proficient with Zoom, GSuite, and Microsoft Office
  • Demonstrated expertise and interest in technology, social media, and research on social demographics
  • Must have experience with: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Experience with video and/or podcast production is also a plus
  • Experience with Canva and Hootsuite is a plus
  • Experience with writing blogs is a plus
  • Experience with podcast marketing is a plus


In addition to a resume and cover letter outlining interest in DEI and social media work, applicants are also asked to submit two work samples. Please submit a sample Instagram post for one of the cultural awareness/heritage months (i.e. Black History Month, Asian-American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Pride, etc.), as well as a plan for posting. In addition, submit a sample LinkedIn post on a DEI topic and how this post would be crafted differently for corporate audiences. Please send all materials (cover letter, resume, work samples) in one email to

Job/Pay Requirements

This is a remote position and candidates MUST have access to email, phone, and other means of technology to facilitate research and communication.


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