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Conversations in Black: Where Are We Now?

About This Event

In 2021, during what some would call America’s Racial Reckoning, people3 brought together a panel of Black DEI professionals to discuss the Black experience in America. Fast forward to the present and there is still work to be done.

The last year has shown us that it’s important to talk about how social issues are affecting the way Black people are able to show up in the workforce. Oftentimes, the approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace can be reflective of our society. This reflection has translated to the ongoing conversations on the topics of mass incarceration and the struggle for police accountability today.

Now, new conversations are emerging – like those around legislation banning teaching about racism in classrooms. All of these are important to the conversation about the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion in workspaces across the country.

Although we have witnessed increased support for black-owned businesses and more organizations expanding their DEI efforts, systemic inequities continue to stifle the growth of the Black community. Currently, 13% of the workforce identifies as Black, of that 13%, 24% reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace— so what does diversity, equity, and inclusion look like for Black people in the workforce today?

Now, one year later, we want to invite you to continue the conversation with Conversations in Black: Where Are We Now? People3 wants to continue the conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion and what it means to be Black in the workforce.

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Event Details


February 17, 2022 at 11:30 AM CST


Anthony Peterson
Consultant for people3

Mia McNeal
Consultant for people3 & Founder/CEO of Goal Digging

ReChard Peel
Consultant for people3 & Assistant Director of the Black Cultural Center at Vanderbilt University

Neitra Scott
Consultant for people3 & Head Of Human Resources at Round Hill Music

Dr. Isaac Addae
Consultant for people3, author, & Chief Strategy Officer at Pivot Technology School


Amiee Sadler
people3 Education & Training Manager